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A Movement 4 Improvement consist of ordinary individuals from 'all walks of life' sick and tired of being content, contained, or confined to their employer, quality of life, living environment, and financial situation. We FINALLY decided enough is enough of being manipulated and exploited by a system designed to assure continuous wealth for a very few at the expense of average working individuals. A Movement 4 Improvement [Life Is To Be Enjoyed NOT Annoyed] welcomes individuals, groups, charities, and organizations willing and dedicated to helping each other achieve success in life.  



Is there really a need for "A Movement 4 Improvement" [Life Is To Be Enjoyed NOT Annoyed]? Not only is there a need, there's urgency? Why??? Let's look at some statistics to help prove my point... 



Look at your monthly expenses [all of them] and answer the following question: How much of your income are you spending when compared to how much you are able to save? The average working individual is only able to save 10% of his/her income after paying their financial obligations. 1 out of 3 individuals in the USA have ZERO money saved for retirement [not counting their 401k through an employer].    




Why is it so hard for individuals to save more money? Well, it's really hard to save money when the cost of living is steadily increasing and your income remains stagnant. We constantly hear about how GREAT the economy is and how many jobs are being created, but how many of those jobs are paying enough income to afford ALL the basic necessities of life? The following chart illustrates just how much average working individuals are struggling financially.



Make no mistake about it. Not all of these individuals are earning low wages or living in poverty. Many of these are considered "middle class" individuals with above average income. They just spend too much of their income or accumulated too much debt trying to afford all the basic necessities of life.




To MOST of us, the USA is considered the GREATEST country on this earth. Why? Because, we embrace that old cliche 'capitalism creates a democracy'. Unfortunately, the "TRUTH" is 'capitalism has created a monopoly' in the USA. When 90% of the wealth in the USA is owned by only 10% of the population, it's time to take a different approach in order to get better results! A Movement 4 Improvement [Life Is To Enjoyed NOT Annoyed] allow members of the MOVEMENT to bridge the gap separating income inequality between the rich and poor. Our NEW Traditional Way is all about sharing the wealth with those needing it the MOST. Instead of, creating MORE wealth for the top 1%.