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Our Social Media Platform is the meeting place for members of the MOVEMENT. This is exclusively for A Movement 4 Improvement [Life Is To Be Enjoyed NOT Annoyed]  members only. This is where you will find all the fun and excitement being shared with members chatting, posting messages on their  wall, sharing pics, videos, music, single player online games, and many other features. If you enjoy Social Media, you are going to love our Social Media Platform. 



In additional to all the fun features offered in our Social Media Platform, you are also encouraged to use the Platform in order to share knowledge, wisdom, ideas, collaborate, start your own group, and build your Network. Remember this; knowledge is ONLY powerful when shared and applied with others. Otherwise, it become just a wasted thought WITHOUT potential. Our Social Media Platform is bit different and unique when compared to MOST Social Media Platforms.    



When new members join the MOVEMENT, the FIRST place the will visit on our website is the Social Media Platform. When they see other members having fun and sharing their journey to achieving success in life, it illustrates transparency and will encourage them to invite other new members to the MOVEMENT. Plus, it will also dispel any thoughts of A Movement 4 Improvement being a gimmick, get rich quick scheme, or fake news! This is why it's SUPER IMPORTANT for members of the MOVEMENT to stay ACTIVE in our Social Media Platform...              



In order to keep members active on our Social Media Platform we have TWO monthly contests paying "CASH PRIZES" to top credit earners. That's right, you can earn CASH PRIZES EACH MONTH by accumulating Credit Points! 




Members of the MOVEMENT can earn Credit Points by performing different tasks in our Social Media Platform. There are over 100 different tasks you can perform in order to earn credit points. Of course, inviting new members to join the MOVEMENT is how you earn the most Credit Points. The fun but challenging aspect of the contest will be trying to figure out the over 100 different ways to earn Credit Points. Keep in mind, you will ONLY be able to earn a limited amount of points per task each day. This will prevent members from doing the same task over and over in order to accumulate lots of points. The secret to winning the two monthly contests will be accumulating lots of points by performing 'different tasks'. Members will NOT be able to purchase credits or share/send credits to other members of the MOVEMENT. 




Our Two Monthly Contests:


Each time a NEW member joins A Movement 4 Improvement [Life Is To Be Enjoyed NOT Annoyed] $1.00 is added to EACH OF THE TWO monthly contests. PLUS, each month a member pays their monthly subscription $1.00 will be add to EACH OF THE TWO monthly contests. Both contest will end on the last day of EACH month at 12:00 MIDNIGHT [EST] and the CASH PRIZES will be awarded on the following day [1st of EACH month]. The Credit Points will start over on the 1st of each month [both contests] in order to give ALL members of the MOVEMENT a fair and equal opportunity to win the two contests each month.  


#1: Top 5 Credit Earner:


The "TOP 5" Credit Earners will share the total jackpot by using the percentage chart listed below. In case of a tie, each of the participants  will choose a number between 1 to 100 and the person closest to the NUMBER I CHOOSE [without going over] will be declared the winner. The loser[s] will be awarded the NEXT LOWER prize [if applicable]. Only ACTIVE members are eligible to win cash prizes in the Top 5 Credit Earners Contest. No Exception!!!  




#2: Top Credit Earner In Each State:


The TOP credit earner in EACH state will receive $1.00 for each New member and members paying their monthly subscription within the state you reside in ONLY! Meaning, if you are the top credit earner in the state of FLORIDA, you will receive $1.00 for each new member 'joining that particular month' and $1.00 for members in FLORIDA 'only' paying their monthly subscription 'that particular month'. Only active members are eligible to participate in the Top Credit Earner In Each State contest. No Exceptions!




The TOP CREDIT EARNERS in BOTH contest will be displayed on each webpage of the website. If your name is not illustrated [that means] you have NOT earned enough Credit Points to be among the Top Credit Earners. If you would like to know how many Credit Points you have, just log into the Social Media Platform and click on the Credits Links. You will see how many credit points you have earned and the tasks you performed to earn those credits. Since the Top Credit Earners in BOTH contests are being displayed on webpages, you will ALWAYS know who the leaders are and how many Credit Points you need to earn in order to be among the leaders [if you are not already among them]. Being transparent will keep the contests fun and exciting...    


Other Social Media Platform Benefits



Members have the opportunity to earn badges illustrating how many members have accepted your invitation to join the MOVEMENT. Listed below, you will find the different types of badges and how many NEW members are required in order for you to earn each badge level.  






As you see, our Social Media Platform offers so many features and benefits to assure members of the MOVEMENT have lots of fun, compete for Cash Prizes in our TWO monthly contests, and illustrate your leadership ability to become a member of our Executive and Management Team. This is a GREAT opportunity for members of the MOVEMENT willing to stay active and accumulate points in the Social Media Platform. I wish each of you the VERY best of luck earning  credit points and winning the two monthly contests!