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A Movement 4 Improvement [Life Is To Be Enjoyed NOT Enjoyed] combined FOUR components into ONE Platform. Each of the four components add a special value to our membership. Our goal and mission is to use our “Platform” for members of the MOVEMENT to share their vision and voice to help empower, educate, and encourage members of the MOVEMENT to follow our pathway to achieving success in life.


The FIRST step to achieving success in life is being able to 'reduce/eliminate your debt' in order to enjoy financial stability. Employers are successful, because they convert their buying power into leverage and opportunity. It's no secret; employers pay you to make them money. They leverage their money for an opportunity to make MORE money [buying power]. Your paycheck is an investment of how much value you are to your employer. This also explains why some employers pay more than others. By no mean am I trying to be fictitious or obnoxious, I'm only trying to show members of the MOVEMENT how to covert 'constructive' criticism into capitalism and make more money. 




Members of the MOVEMENT decided to take a different approach in order to get better results. Why is this necessary? Because, each and every day MILLIONS of individuals work in order to receive a paycheck. Unfortunately, MOST individuals will spend MORE of their income by comparison to how much they are able to SAVE. A Movement 4 Improvement [Life Is To Be Enjoyed NOT Annoyed] provides members of the MOVEMENT the opportunity to reduce your out of pocket expenses by 'sharing your debt with us'. Members of the MOVEMENT prefer to 'be in' control -vs- 'being' controlled. What about you?   




Are you continuously working to make money -OR- making money so you don't have to continuously work? PLEASE don't misinterpret what I'm trying to convey here. By NO means, am I saying QUIT YOUR JOB IF YOU WANT TO MAKE MORE MONEY! However, STOP allowing an employer to be YOUR ONLY SOURCE OF INCOMEWhy is this so important? Because, the goal for 'most' employers is to pay employees the least amount of wages in order to make more profits for their business and shareholders. More importantly, employers understand [and 'sometimes' take the advantage of] being considered a 'comfort zone' and/or 'safety net' [the fear of failure factor] by employees. Meaning, employees WILL ALWAYS need to work and receive a paycheck MORE THAN employers need to pay you more money! Hence, another example of how leverage and opportunity benefits the employer.  




What do you think will happen if you 'expanded' your comfort zone by ELIMINATING the 'fear of failure' factor in order to achieve success in life? Sometimes, you can make a difference WITHOUT doing anything different. Why reinvent the wheel, when it's easier to redirect the wheel in a different direction to reach a different destination. This is how members of the MOVEMENT can convert CHANGE into DOLLARS. Members of the Movement CAN make money WITHOUT an employer. However, and employer can NOT make money WITHOUT employees. The impossible only exist when we allow it to become possible. Together, we are UNSTOPPABLE!