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Orientation, Webinars, And Workshops:


A Movement 4 Improvement [Life Is To Be Enjoyed NOT Annoyed] provides a Platform capable of educating members of the MOVEMENT in preparation of achieving success in life. Unfortunately, there are so many unscrupulous people just waiting for vulnerable individuals in order to take advantage of the situation. Our Workshops and Webinars are intended to eliminate this type of behavior, because we screen “ALL” participating workshop and webinar hosts. This includes a thorough background on the individual and company they represent. This 'helps' to assure members of the MOVEMENT have access to the best accredited professionals offering  workshops and webinars within the Platform of A Movement 4 Improvement [Life Is To Be Enjoyed NOT Annoyed].   



ALL members are required to attend our ONLINE ORIENTATION Class before having access to the Social Media Platform. This is necessary, because A Movement 4 Improvement [Life Is To Be Enjoyed NOT Annoyed] combined 4 components into ONE Platform. Our FOUR components can be a bit confusing initially, because each component offers its own compensation package and membership benefits. Therefore, the Online ORIENTATION Class offers step by step instructions in order to give members of the MOVEMENT a visual blueprint on how each of the FOUR components will benefit you financially. There will also be a  test given at the end of the Online ORIENTATION Class! And yes, you MUST PASS the test before having access to the Social Media Platform. The test is really simple and offers multiple choice questions. Members of the MOVEMENT will also receive 1,500 Credit Points towards our Two Monthly Contests Paying Cash Prizes after successfully passing the test. You can take the test as many times as possible. 




Our Workshops are intended to help members of the MOVEMENT achieve success in life. When I say 'achieving success in life', I'm NOT referring to making money. This is a big misconception made by so many individuals. There are so many individuals enjoying financial stability, but still lack achieving success in life. If you have money, but are not healthy emotionally, physically, or spiritually, you are NOT achieving success in life. You are JUST enjoying financial stability with LOTS of room for IMPROVEMENT!




The Pathway to achieving success in life can be challenging for members of the MOVEMENT not familiar with the process. There are so many decisions and choices needing to be made at any given time. Having the right professionals and information at your disposal can save you lots of time and money. I encourage members of the MOVEMENT to do your own due diligence, as well. Never be afraid to ask questions, offer your opinion, or seek a second opinion, before making a commitment to use/purchase a product or service, regardless of the price. 




Keep in mind, the accredited professional hosting the Workshops and Webinars are “NOT” employees of A Movement 4 Improvement and their advice and/or expertise is usually based on the company in which they are employed. The webinars are free [for our members] and provides a platform for members of the MOVEMENT to ask questions [via webcams], participate in surveys, and send/receive text messages [public and private] during the webinars, in order to get all your questions answered about that particular product or service. You will receive a discount if you would like to purchase the products/services offered by accredited professional hosting our workshops and webinars. Plus, members of the MOVEMENT can use their Reward Points and Bonus Bucks to purchase the discounted products/services.    




Make sure to take "FULL ADVANTAGE" of these "FREE" Webinars and Workshops!